why develop feelings for people when you can just walk into traffic and achieve the same results

"Before him he saw two roads, both equally straight; but he did see two; and that terrified him—he who had never in his life known anything but one straight line. And, bitter anguish, these two roads were contradictory."
— Victor Hugo, Les Miserables, Javert’s battle of conscience. (via museforsaken)

romantic love is the most beautiful fucking thing in the world

ive stopped wearing shirts underneath my sweaters

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La Luna (2011, short film)

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Prior to when we clearly see him on the moving walkway at the airport, Tyler flashes on screen for a single frame (1/24 of a second) during four instances before that.


I guess this is my legacy.

holy shit dying right now



but they wear flip flops

Kudos to the guy with the balls to ask out Emma Watson

this is fascinating and all, but i have to get ready for my date with this british girl i met today. i hope she likes my new flip-flops.

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im mercutio in romeo and juliet and i have a sword and a huge fucking dagger.

so yeah. im badass as hell.